Saturday, February 23, 2008

First blog post EVER!

This is so exciting- our very own blog! We have let our website expire, so this a great (and free!) way to keep family and friends posted on what's new with the Thames family. So many things have happened lately with our family, so I'll fill you in on just a few of them.

Riley and Tyson both celebrated big birthdays a couple of weeks ago. Riley turned 2 on the 9th and Tyson had his first birthday on the 11th. We had a combined birthday party with family and some friends on Sunday the 10th. It was great fun watching Riley and Tyson eating their birthday cakes with completely different approaches. Tyson had it EVERYWHERE and Riley was much more clean this year.

Tyson also started taking many steps in the week leading up to his first birthday and I think we can officially say he is walking now. It's amazing to see how quickly he's getting around already!

Riley also had a first yesterday- her very first haircut!! I wasn't brave enough to do it myself, so we had Aunt Debbie do it. She cuts hair for a living, so she was a much better person for the job! Riley did pretty well at Debbie's shop, but she wanted to sit in Mommy's lap rather than sit in the chair alone. She looks like such a big girl now. And she's talking up a storm now too- if you can understand what she'd saying. :)

On a sadder note, as many of you may already know, Rick's mom Doris passed away on the 15th, just over a week ago. Although she had been battling cancer for many years, her health deteriorated very quickly in the last week before she passed away. The memorial service was held a couple of days ago at our church, Abundant Life. It was a beautiful celebration of her life and the legacy she leaves in her three boys and seven grandchildren. It has been a rough week, but we are all left with amazing memories of Doris and are comforted in knowing she is no longer in pain, but in a much better place.

I promise not all blog entries will be this long, but this fills you in on the latest. I look forward to updating this often and I hope you all enjoying seeing more pictures of the kids!



Familie Long said...

Thanks so much for adding to my list...I now have 4 blogs to read! I will be checking back often...much love to you and your too cute family! ~Heather

MSB said...

I am excited to catch up with you this way! I try to be good at keeping mine up and will check on you often.

The Mrs. said...

Wow Brooke, you have such a beautiful family, but you know that. Christopher just took his first steps a couple of days ago. We got it on video. His first tooth also popped through on Valentine's day. I hope to hear of the many adventures of the Thames Family in the future.