Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Upstairs: Part II

Bonus/Play Room, Master Bedroom, & Bathrooms

The bonus room was given a movie theme- so fun!
The room contains the sectional from our old family room, the shelving unit we had in the playroom, and the kids' activity table. The red chairs and rug are from the other house as well, and it's amazing how many movie themed pictures have red in them- the whole thing worked out really well!

I'm still amazed at how well everything fit into the room, almost like it was bought especially for this space!
(which of course, it wasn't)
The little kitchen set Riley got for her birthday also has red and I love the lampshade we found at Target.

Those two sets of doors on the left side of the hallway are both storage closets- I LOVE having so much storage! A goal for this summer is to really organize them- we pretty much just unpacked into them in December quickly without really making the best use of the space.

Some of the movie decor' my mom found along the way:
LOVE this old movie camera and the book, Romeo and Juliet, doubles as a movie case/remote holder!

This old movie reel and sign are great, too! The kids love it when we pop some popcorn, turn off all the lights, and turn the room into a "Movie Theater". :)

And I found these two pictures at Blockbuster of all places- on clearance for $8 a piece.

It's just a cozy little room- the perfect play area/family room for the upstairs!

This is the upstairs hallway, our bedroom doors are on the right, the bathroom is straight ahead, and Riley's room is to the left of the linen closet.
We have a plan for that big empty wall- it will eventually contain a collage of family photos and such. Hopefully we'll have it complete by the end of summer! :)
(Are you noticing a "summer project" theme??)

The bathroom the kids use:
All the sinks in the house are waist high on adults, so stools at every sink are necessary for the kids to be able to use them.

And finally, the Master Bedroom

Pretty much the same bedding and decor' from the last house, with a few new additions to fill in the wall space.

It's fun having a sitting area in the room- this wicker loveseat was a steal from Pier 1, I found it on clearance for like $80 or something!

Double doors for both the bedroom and the entrance into the Master Bath, plus another built-in for the television with storage underneath.

And the Master Bathroom, which is pretty much ginormous.
(At least it feels that way compared to our previous bathroom.)

Maybe after I organize the space in the walk-in closet, I'll post pictures of it, too. But for now, it's the door on the right, next to the toilet room.
Thanks for taking the time to look through all the pictures of our home, I had fun photographing all of the rooms!

And to answer a couple of comments about how clean the house is:

Yes, Lisa Joy, I did a mad-dash clean-up one morning with the kids! The house was pretty much clean from my graduation weekend with family visiting, so I made the beds upstairs and took pictures quickly while the kids had breakfast. Then, I moved them into the playroom and ran around to photographed the downstairs! :)

I try to keep it straightened up most of the time, however we do have 3 kids! I at least like only one room to be thrashed with kids toys, we actually only keep a few things downstairs for the kids to play with, making it easier to straighten up. But the playroom/bonus room is the space that gets the least amount of attention- it's pretty much always in some phase of fun and play! Another "summer project" is to go through all the toys and do some serious streamlining- maybe even figure out a rotation system so the kids don't have time to get too bored with the toys they do have.

I try to make at least our bed every single day, open all of the shades to let the natural light in, keep dishes out of the sink when possible, and avoid getting piles of clutter on any of the counter spaces. Try being the operative word... these are not ALWAYS things, but a most of the time things. Luckily, Rick and I both love having a clean and organized space to live in, so we both work at keeping it up! Starting in the fall, the kids will be in daycare full-time and I think keeping up with the house will seem a whole lot easier then!

The garage is another "summer project", getting the third car space cleared out and Rick would love to get an organization system going similar to our previous house. We are also in the midst of having our backyard redone... a process that is taking FOREVER because of all this stinking rain we've been having! The new patio is in, the retaining wall is finished, most of the landscaping is at least set out and ready to be planted and much of it is already in place, they have moved the play structure from the side of the house to another area in the backyard, put in the lights and a french drain in the lawn to avoid the mud puddles we were getting in the grass before. Now we are just waiting patiently for the rain to let up to get the grass put in and the final touches to be done. It will be so nice to have a place for the kids to play again- this process has been going on for nearly 6 weeks now thanks to the wettest May I have ever seen! I will certainly be posting before and after pictures of the yard when it is ready!

I still wake up most every morning and wonder how we were lucky enough to have found our dream home and actually get to live in it, too- I just feel so blessed and thankful!

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