Monday, September 13, 2010

Pints to Pasta 2010

Rick and I completed our first 10k yesterday, Pints to Pasta- Rick had never done any race before and I had never done a 10k. It was the perfect first race to complete together!

The race began at the Adidas campus (pictured above), we ran past the Widmer Brothers Brewing Co., across the beautiful Broadway Bridge, along the waterfront, and ended up at the Old Spaghetti Factory. It was a crisp morning as we waited at the starting line, listening to the sounds of slamming port-a-potty doors and staying warm by holding cups of coffee.

Here we are on the Adidas soccer field (turf), after doing a few warm ups.

Now, although I have been running for years and love to do races, I am in NO WAY fast or competitive (except with myself and my own times). This past summer, Rick and I were able to run together a few times and he definitely leaves me in his dust! He's just a natural runner (in my humble opinion), so we made a point to cross the start line together and then agreed to meet up again at the finish line. I certainly didn't want to hold him back in his first race ever!

I'm so proud of how well he did!

A view of the starting line (the balloon arch) and the crowd of people waiting to begin!

Just minutes to go!

Getting ready to enjoy the Widmer Brothers beer and Old Spaghetti Factory pasta at the finish line and sporting our cool new t-shirts!

My personal goal was to complete the race in less than 1 hour- I came in at 56:15! An average of 9:03 per mile. (VERY proud of that, considering I'm usually a slow and steady sort of girl.) Rick crossed the finish line just about 4 minutes before me at 54:19, averaging 8:25 per mile... amazing for a first-timer! Something we thought was funny... out of 878 male runners, Rick placed 416th. Out of 1650 female runners, I placed 415th. And I love the fact that females outnumbered male runners 2 to 1!

And a little side note: As we entered the gates for the beer line, there were ladies there stamping hands to get beer. I walked up first and the lady stamped my hand... right behind me was Rick and she says to him, "Hmm, I need to see your ID." Nobody around us, not me... Rick. So, I said, sort of fake shocked/pouting, "Really? Him but not me? He's 4 years older!" She looked right at me and said, "Yep." OUCH!!!

Do I really look that much older than him??? I know he looks young, we get carded all the time, and Rick got carded constantly in Las Vegas last month. But apparently I'm aging horribly now and Rick can pass as a high schooler/early college student! Does this make me a cougar??? :) I have to say, stuff like that normally wouldn't bother me, like neither of us getting carded... but for some reason I was super-bummed. I've been researching Botox all morning... (not really).

I think we'll be making this race a yearly tradition!
Next year, come and join us!


Lisa Joy said...

You two are so inspiring! I still have bulging discs in my back {it's now been 6 weeks of me not being able to hold/pick up James!}, so I'm in no shape to run a 10K...but this injury has made me even more committed to getting in shape once I'm healed so that I can fully live the way I want to!

Way to go, you guys!

{P.S.--Our house is just down the street from Adidas on Greeley. Swing by and say hi next time you're in the area! OH, and check out all the yummy food trucks just up from Adidas on the corner of Greeley & Killingsworth--soooo good!}

Maggie said...

No you don't look older than him...and by the way you both look the same to be as you did the day I met you. But whatev. Some people are weird. The fact that you get carded at all is amazing...I never do...haven't for a long time. In fact I don't think I ever have...what does that say about me?

Diane said...

Don't feel bad, Jim gets carded all the time and I never do! Let me know the cheapest price you find on the Botox. Love, Mom

David said...

i need to do another race.

thank you for not having word verification and for having your comments in a popup window. you're the only blogger who does it the right way!!! :)