Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, maybe a better title would be "A Very Happy and Chaotic Thanksgiving"! We were able to travel to the Tri-Cities this year for the big day. Our original plan was to leave on Monday and stay for four relaxing days so we could visit a few people and not feel rushed. However, somebody (me) forgot about having class on Tuesday night so our trip was cut in half- leaving Wednesday morning from Portland and returning Friday morning so we could get prepared for Rick to return to work on Monday (after being off since October 24th for paternity leave). *On a sidenote- in class on Tuesday, I "taught" my first official lesson plan to the rest of the students in my class. I think it went pretty well!*

We stayed with my mom and step-dad, making it a pretty full house, which included my grandma, sister, and niece also. The "chaotic" part of the visit was trying to keep Tyson out of everything and keep the girls (Riley and Cassidy) from fighting over everything, making it tough to truly relax. But, overall we had a great time. The food was wonderful and my mom's house was decorated so beautifully for Thanksgiving. We look forward to a longer visit over the Christmas holiday! Be prepared for lots and lots of pictures below- the camera got a real workout with more relatives meeting Cooper for the first time and trying to get some rare family photos!

I am reminded of how much I have to be thankful for when I get a chance to spend time with family. I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Isn't the table beautiful!? My mom did such a great job! I wish I had half the creativity my mom and sister have!
She even made cool name cards that wrapped around Hershey Bars she downloaded from Martha Stewart- yummy!
Great-Grandma Clarette and Cooper
Cooper with Uncle Bryan
Grandpa Jim getting to hold his fifth grandson!
Cooper LOVES his Aunt Robyn!
And Cousin Cassidy was so excited to meet Cooper- she was bummed she didn't get to be here when he was born! She's a natural at holding him!
Tyson kept getting into the refrigerator wanting milk or juice... this time he got away with some.
The boy LOVES his milk! (Thank goodness he doesn't know how to twist off the top yet!)
Cooper is so lucky to have such a loving big sister!
A very, very rare photo of all three of our wonderful children. (too bad we can't really see Cooper's face!)
Proud mommy! Notice the lighter and shorter hair? I gave up on trying to grow it out and keep it dark, it just made me feel frumpy. I'm beginning to feel like my old self again... now if I could just fit into my old clothes!
Finally we had someone around to take a picture of Rick and I together in a picture!Our attempt at a full family photo... unfortunately, Tyson wanted nothing to do with it!
Attempt #2 (actually more like #10) at my dad's house... everyone is there, you just can't see Riley's face. We are finding it is extremely difficult to coordinate 5 people for a picture, especially when 3 of those people are under the age of 3!
Another attempt at a group shot including children... Riley was the one refusing to sit this time. So, here is Grandma Gayle and Papa with 3 of their grandchildren.
And finally, another rare photo- all three of us kids with my dad and step-mom.


Lisa Joy said...

What a cute family! Brooke, you look AWESOME!! You look so thin already! I love the hair, too--in about a week we'll be "hair twins" (except I'll be blonder)...I go through stages where I'm sick of my long hair and need to chop it off. A good haircut is a great mood-booster, huh? Happy Thanksgiving! (P.S.--Also love your green vest! I've been searching for a new green shirt or something. Green's a great color on you!)

John, Amy & Tristan Hardesty said...

Brooke! I am so glad you guys had a great thanksgiving! I love your hair!! Everything looks like it was beautiful! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I appreciate it! I'll talk to you soon!

The Donald said...

Those milk drinking pics are great.

Glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving. You should give us a ring when you are here for Christmas.

The Donald said...

Your parents live right next to us then. We live in Creekstone, right next to Lincoln.