Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Okay, I know I said the next post would be from Rick about our precious new baby- but, nature has not cooperated in that department quite yet! However, we are timing some pretty intense contractions right now, so maybe by this time tomorrow the long awaited news will be posted!

In the meantime, I wanted to post some cute pictures of the kids from trick-or-treating tonight so they don't get lost in the shuffle.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

... and waiting and waiting.

Yes, that's right- I'm still pregnant...

Tomorrow is my official due date and after tomorrow, I may just turn into crazy, grumpy, pregnant lady. I had an appointment yesterday and I was 3cm dialated and 85% effaced, so progress is being made, but this little one is taking it's time- just like Riley (who was 5 days late) and Tyson (who came right on time). I promise the next post will be from Rick and it will contain super-cute pictures of our new baby- but until then, I wanted to give a little update. Please be praying for us- I'm REALLY ready! :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still waiting...

We are still patiently awaiting the arrival of Baby Thames... well, sometimes not so patiently- I have had my fair share of "I am so over this!" moments! It is definitely getting more difficult to care for Riley and Tyson during the day without causing some sort of pain or discomfort, but I try to take advantage of their nap and rest myself. The kids have both been great though, despite being sick, and Riley is really starting to talk about being able to hold the baby when "she" is born. The baby is "officially" due on October 29th, based on the week 10 ultrasound, but I'd be surprised if it takes another week... :)

Rick will most likely be making his very first post on this family blog of ours after the baby is born- so stay tuned! Here's one final picture of the belly-

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pun-kin Patch

We had a great afternoon today with our Life Group at a little pumpkin patch in Canby, Oregon. The kids had so much fun running around the grass with the already-picked pumpkins, looking at the animals, and enjoying some yummy kettle corn. We couldn't have asked for better weather either- I love October in Portland!

Here are a few pictures from Saturday, enjoying our backyard and the mid-60's weather!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

"I can't like it!"

One year after Thanksgiving, when my sister was young, and after a few leftover meals containing turkey, she asked my mom what we were having for our next meal. When my mom mentioned the word turkey in whatever creative meal she was making, my sister replied "Turkey! I can't like it!" This has become a favorite story for my mom to tell over the years, so when I first heard Riley say it, I couldn't help but laugh a little... This has now become her new favorite phrase, just in the last few days.

* While cleaning the playroom a couple of nights ago just before bed, I decided it was my turn to watch something on TV, although Riley kept asking to watch "Little Einsteins". I had on the recent episode of Jeopardy!, and Riley was saying, "Mommy, you turn it off. I can't like it. I want to watch Einsteins." Even with the catchy "Do, do, do, do..." music playing, something she used to dance to, she was saying "Mommy, I can't like it!" Well, I can't like watching the same 5 or 6 episodes of Einsteins over and over and over again either. :)

* We took the kids to Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner last night. Rick had some broccoli as a side dish and Riley couldn't help but reach over to try and snag some. She shoved a pretty big piece in her mouth and started chewing and I was actually impressed she was eating it... until the look on her face changed a little and she started trying to spit it out into her hand. With a mouthful of half chewed broccoli, she was mumbling "I can't like it!"

* This morning, after being put in a time-out, she of course had to let us know that "I can't like it in time-out!" Well, who does? Isn't that the point?

There have been a few more uses, but these are the highlights... It might get old, but for now it's pretty cute!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ok then...

Rick and I have noticed how much quicker Tyson has been picking up on things lately. Verbally, he blows us away and says much more than Riley did at his age- I'm sure the product of being the second child. But, what happened today before nap time blew me away... We came home from story time at the library and I left Riley in the van (watching "Annie") while I ran up to lay Tyson down. He kept saying "poo-poo, poo-poo", something he sometimes tells us just after or (rarely) just before he goes. So, I asked him, "Do you need to go poo-poo?" and he said, "Yeah". Ok then... next I said, "Do you want to sit on the potty?". Again he said, "Yeah". Ok then... off we went to the big potty (with no training seat around), I removed the diaper and sat him down... and sure enough, he went! Well, he went pee-pee, but still. We got a new diaper, put his pants on, and he started saying, "Wash hands, wash hands". He thought that was the coolest thing... and so did I actually! This may have just been a one-time thing and I'm totally OK with that and I'm in no way going to be officially "Potty Training" Tyson right now- how do you potty train a boy anyways- but if he'll ask, right on! Rick and I would love to only have one child in diapers! And, according to both of our moms, Rick and I were both potty trained by 18 months, so he's already behind! :) 

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I guess I've been feeling a little nostalgic the last couple of days as we begin to wonder when this baby will come and join our family. I just want to hug and kiss and cuddle with Riley and Tyson any chance I get! I thought it would be fun to bring copies of newborn pictures of each of the kids to the hospital so we can compare a little bit- they both looked so different (and still do!) and I'm so curious about this little one- not just the gender, but who they'll resemble and personality too!

I am having trouble sleeping most nights, either I'm totally uncomfortable, have to use the bathroom every 30 minutes, or I wake up from dreams about being in the hospital and having the baby (none of which have included an "It's a girl!" or "It's a boy!" moment, thank goodness!). I know many more sleepless nights are to come- for very different reasons- but, I long for the day I can sleep and actually feel refreshed in the morning! I hope you enjoy seeing these pictures of the kids, both of them were taken within a couple of hours of being born.

Riley Ann Thames, February 9, 2006, 7lbs 15ozs
("Ann" is both my middle name and Rick's mom's)

Tyson Guy Thames, February 11, 2007, 7lbs 10ozs
("Guy" was a term of endearment that Rick's dad, Cecil, used to use with his boys. He passed away on Novemeber 29th, 2006, never able to meet his newest grandson. We used "Guy" to honor him.)

Riley was able to come in the room right after Tyson was born, but then I didn't see her again until the next evening. After 20 hours of holding a newborn, the first thing I could say when I saw Riley again was, "Oh my gosh, she's huge!" My "baby" grew up over night after adding another baby to our family. Riley and Tyson love each other so much and I just know they will have even more love to give to their new brother or sister! Riley is pretty darn sure she is getting a baby sister, so I hope she'd not disappointed if she gets another brother!

I came across this picture while going through all the old pictures from the hospital. This is Tristan (our friend's son) and Riley playing around in the hospital room the night before Tyson was born... Tristan has his little hand on her bottom and they both look a little guilty, don't they?!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Scenic view?

Doesn't it look like they are just waiting for someone or something to show up at the front door? Riley decided this was the perfect place to hang out yesterday, chillin' in front of the window with a great little foot rest! She eventually moved a pile of books over there and used the ledge to hold her milk and animal cracker snack. Whenever Tyson would get bored with sitting there with her and play somewhere else in the room, she would yell out, "Tyson, come back here and sit with me!" It was so cute! After I snapped this first picture, without even turning around, she said "Mommy, you taking a picture of my couch?" Then they both turned around and gave me a chorus of "Cheese"!

A few other random things:
*I have become a huge fan of the Playhouse Disney morning line-up lately- something I should be very ashamed of... but at least it gives me a chance to get a few chores done around the house in the morning while I still have the energy. Yesterday I was able to put the finishing touches on my homework while the kids enjoyed a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny.

*I'm pretty sure the dryer is shrinking all of my shirts- I'm having a tough time finding one that still fits over my belly completely now that the baby has dropped...

*I think I'm going to really enjoy the classroom discussions for my Master's program, last night's class was so much fun! (well, not the sitting for 4 hours part) However, I am having a really, really hard time finding the motivation and energy to do the actual homework. It was tough spending several hours on a Saturday away from precious family time, just to read and highlight 4 chapters in my textbook... And I am SO grateful to have Rick to talk to at home about what is really relevant in the classroom today- he's going to be my greatest resource and motivator through this process!

* I still can't believe how vital the morning dates have become in staying connected with Rick during this somewhat hectic time in our lives. I know I dedicated a whole post to this already, but I am so excited that we made this weekly commitment and are sticking to it. We seriously have the best, uninterrupted conversations of the week during that hour between 6 and 7am... and it's a great excuse for a Starbucks beginning to the day. Today, I finally tried the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin... oh... my... goodness... YUMMY! :)

* A friend I met through a mutual friend and in the blogging world (she lives in Atlanta), who was also pregnant, had her beautiful baby girl last week... making me even more excited to finally meet our little one soon! In some ways I still can't believe it's so close and I don't think I can fully wrap my head around how much our lives are going to change very soon. Yesterday, the kids were taking turns patting and kissing my belly and talking to the baby. Tyson basically just says "Baby", but Riley was saying, "Hi baby, I can't wait to meet you". Enough to make my heart melt... I just hope they are just as excited when we actually bring the baby home- forever! :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

36 Weeks

I still can't believe how close we are getting to meeting our newest family member! Boy? Girl? I can't wait to find out!! I'm in the midst of week 36 and the fact that the calendar finally says "October" is crazy! I had a routine appointment yesterday and everything is looking good. Last Friday, after cleaning the house like crazy all morning, I was feeling pretty uncomfortable- then I remember feeling very similar just before Riley and Tyson "dropped". Sure enough, Saturday morning I woke up with a whole new shape to my belly, a little relief in my breathing, and a lot more discomfort in other places!

Now that school has started giving me homework to do each week and I'm a bit more uncomfortable, I think we'll be taking it easy in the next few weeks. Which probably means I'll have a couple of stir-crazy toddlers on my hands, but we'll get through it! The kids now have the cold I am getting over, so they'll be needing lazy days to get healthy anyhow. My sister and niece, Robyn and Cassidy, came to visit on Tuesday night and we've been enjoying their company. They leave first thing tomorrow morning, but we managed a trip to the zoo yesterday and a big shopping outing this morning. I always enjoy spending time with my sister and watching the 3 cousins interact, I only wish they lived closer!