Sunday, March 14, 2010

Halftime Entertainment

On Friday night, the school I'm student teaching at held a fundraiser basketball game to help the sixth graders pay for Outdoor School (a science program). Two elementary schools participated and the game consisted of staff and sixth grade students from each school against each other. The game itself was pretty fun to watch! The first quarter was staff vs. staff, the second quarter was students vs. students and the second half of the game was a mix of both. To encourage the staff to pass the ball to students during the second half, if a student scored 2 points it would count as 3 and a 3 pointer would count as 4.

Oregon Trail (the school I'm at) won the game!

I knew I was going to attend the game for support, but the Friday before the game they were still looking for more teachers to dance at halftime... guess who decided to volunteer?? Yep, me. I did cheer for 2 years in high school, but that was a lifetime and 3 kids ago! But, who doesn't benefit from a little embarrassment every now and again, right? So, I joined the Verne Trail Dancers (a combo of both school names) and participated in the halftime entertainment. If you put aside the baggy, unflattering t-shirt and the 1 or 2 mistakes I made, it wasn't really wasn't that bad, which is why I decided it would be fun to post a video of the dance that Rick took on his cell phone. The music is extremely low, you can barely hear it on the video, but I think the song was called Bust a Bucket or something.

I'm on the right side of the screen, second dancer in, with the darker (purple) shirt with white writing. One thing I love about this video, some of the students in the class I'm working in were sitting right next to Rick. You can here them cheering, "Go Ms. Thames!!" during the video- too funny! Enjoy. :)

I can't believe I'm actually posting this...


Heidi D said...

That's so cool. You're a braver woman than I. :)

I was wondering if you were going to enter or not. I was talking to Lisa tonight about the contest. I was saying that I was surprised about the people that weren't entering that usually comment. You were one of said people. So, I am please that you did. AND, you got me to 100 comments. Totally made my night! We'll find out who wins tomorrow. :))

Lisa Joy said...

Way to go, girl! I bet your students were all over that! You're the COOL teacher now. :-)

Diane Wicks said...

Gee, honey, you've still got the moves! Looks like fun. Love, Mom

Maggie said...

That is funny! Thanks for the highlight of my day! I just was thinking about all the cheerleaders I know in my did that happen?