Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More Disneyland... finally!

Between working, applying for some teaching/sub jobs (which included writing a Philosophy of Education and answering a few other in-depth questions), Rick traveling to Las Vegas for a 4-day much deserved vacation, and my friend Courtney coming to visit with her 3 kids... obviously the blog has been seriously neglected!

But, here are some more pictures from our Disneyland trip. Crazy enough, this isn't the last of them... hopefully it won't take another week to get them posted. :)

Here is the rest of Day 2 and Day 3... with a lot of focus on Riley's autograph book!

After the princess treatment, which is really exhausting, Riley napped while Rick and I walked around enjoying California Adventure

Then we woke her up to meet Mickey...

... and have lunch here...

Riley was VERY excited to finally meet Ariel.

She knows enough from our Disney World pictures from 2 years ago that we did not get to meet Ariel, and she was pretty convinced that Ariel only lives at Disneyland and not at Disney World.

The rest of the meal we were treated to visits from all the other princesses... except Cinderella of course, which is the one princess we were hoping to meet.

We were on a quest to meet Cinderella, so we made our way to the Princess Fantasy Faire near Toontown where we listened to Jasmine do story time, learned how to dance like a princess, and finally got to meet Cinderella!

The next morning we set out for Toontown in search of Mickey and Minnie! But, not without leaving Princess (Riley's Build-a-Bear bunny) all set up. :)

We found almost all the perennial favorites... and played in their houses!

It cracks me up how well her hair survived the night!

Playing Goofy's piano!


We even found Jasmine again, this time she was hanging out with Aladdin!

Day 3 came to an end with a visit to the pool and World of Color- which we LOVED!!!!

Like the pose?? And hair??

Appropriate to get a picture in front of the "R", right?

This was our view as we waited to see World of Color, California Adventures new water/light show.

Afterward, we got some yummy ice cream...

... and this is what ice cream at 11pm does to our daughter. :)

Coming soon: The final Disneyland pictures, and photos from our fun visit with the O'Niel's!

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Charm said...

did you happen to see Alice? when i finally go, I know who to ask for any tips or must see spots. Riley looks like she had so much fun!!