Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Another successful Halloween is in the books for the Thames family, and the kids had a blast! It was our first Halloween in our "new" house, so we were looking forward to trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. On Friday, we received an invite to join some of the families we have gotten to know on the street for a little pre-trick-or-treating gathering. The kids got a chance to play with a few of their friends from preschool who happen to live near us, and Rick and I got a chance to get to know some of the parents a little better. After a couple hours of socializing and eating, we made our way down the street, filling candy buckets as we went...

All three kiddos
Cooper as a pirate, Riley as Cinderella, and Tyson as Buzz Lightyear (again!)

We recycled costumes this year... Riley wore her Cinderella dress from our Disneyland trip this summer and she loved it!

Tyson really wanted to be Buzz Lightyear again, thankfully the costume still fit him... just a little short in the pants!

Cooper was able to wear a pirate dress-up costume that Tyson received last year for Christmas... this is his "cheese" face that we got in nearly every picture! :)

Walking to the neighbor's house

The hostess was nice enough to get a family photo for us.
(To check out the family photos from the two previous years, click here... I was overdue pregnant with Cooper in one of them.)

Our first stop...

Checking out the loot... we let them each have one before bedtime.

And the very few decorations I actually put out this year were all in the kitchen.

A couple of weeks ago, we carved a pumpkin as a family... here are a few pictures from that evening. Unfortunately we carved about a week too early and our little guy molded way too and did not survive to see Halloween. Live and learn for next year, right?

Our finished product...

Tomorrow is another big day around here... Cooper turns 2!!
Stay tuned for pictures from his big day!


Lisa Joy said...

So cute! Maddie changed her mind on her pirate costume at the 11th hour and instead was a Diva Superhero, complete with pink feather boa...oh well! :-)

Lisa said...

What Fun!