Thursday, July 7, 2011

Independence Day 2011

We had a jam packed 4th of July!! It began with a last minute decision to join in the Happy Valley Parade for the first time- mainly because Robyn was in town and she has ALL the creativity to pull it off last minute!! She decorated the wagon, threw some streamers on the bikes, and we were set!

The Happy Valley community isn't terribly large, but when it comes to the bike parade it seems like everyone comes out to either walk/ride in it or watch! It was fun to bump into so many people we know along the way.

Riley started on the bike... doesn't she look thrilled? :)

Cassidy looking festive!

The boys in the decked out wagon.

Riley wasn't feeling the bike and the boys were fighting in the wagon, so we did a little switch-a-roo! Everyone was much happier!

The girls got red, silver, and blue mani's and pedi's!

Even Rick and I got into the red, white, and blue spirit to walk in the parade!
(A great excuse to for me to wear the Firecracker set from Premier Designs... the bold red necklace and bracelet was perfect for the occasion!)

We were towards the back of the pack... this picture shows the whole street just packed with families on bikes, scooters, floats, in wagons, and little cars. Fun!

We tried to enjoy the festivities at the park, but the kids were pretty toasted so we didn't get too far! They bounced a little, had some snacks, and played on the fire trucks... then we went home. :) Maybe next year, less bike parade and more music and playing in the park!

We spent the rest of the afternoon preparing for our friends the Langley's and Boxell's, and niece Jamie and her husband Aren to arrive for an evening of dinner, yard games, and fireworks!

There were 9 adults and 9 kiddos- organized chaos at it's finest without any issues! The kids all played well together and the adults actually got a chance to socialize a bit! Then we went out front to let off our own fireworks and get ready for the Happy Valley ones that we can see from our driveway.

Tyson didn't love the noise... luckily cousin Aren had some headphones for him!

Sometime between now and next year, we may have to "accidentally" do something to the only little tree blocking our view of the fireworks. :)
(You can barely see the outline of it here... still a GREAT view without actually having to head to the park!

Hope you all had a happy and safe 4th!!

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David said...

our 4th was great. looks like you had a good one too!