Friday, February 10, 2012


This is what 6 looks like on Riley... I think she wears it well!!

Riley's current likes/favorites:
Writing in her journal (She sounds out all the words and she does a pretty good job- it's SO cute!!)
Her Paul Frank PJ's and slippers from Robyn and Cassidy
Fairy chapter books
Her family
Anything having to do with markers, crayons, paper, scissors, etc.
Skirts and dresses
Her sparkly, silver shoes
Her frog hat from Papa and Grandma
Princess and Allie (her bunnies from Build A Bear)
Phineas and Ferb
Building forts with her brothers
Dance class and swim lessons

We went to Children's Place the night before her birthday and she got to pick out a new outfit to wear the next day. She picked out the blue skirt and shirt, with the pink sweater. Very cute!! She LOVES skirts and dressing up- this was perfect!

I liked the outfit below... so she got them both. :)
(I only have one girl to dress up, and she'll probably outgrow the skirts/dresses phase in a few years. I have to take advantage now)!

Tyson, Cooper, and I brought little sugar cookies into Riley's classroom for all of her friends. They all sang to her and she was very happy we came!
We also had hot chocolate at Peet's Coffee and went to Red Robin for dinner, where they sang to both Riley and Tyson. Tomorrow is the "real" party... should be FUN!

And tomorrow is a big day for another reason... Tyson turns 5!!

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