Wednesday, March 18, 2009

D.C. Continued

I'm finally getting a chance to do a little blog updating after returning from Washington D.C. late Monday night. Cooper, my mom, and I had a great time visiting my sister and getting a chance to see what her life has been like out there for the past couple of weeks. Being able to take the Metro everywhere was great and we were able to see and do quite a bit in only a few short days. My only complaint would be the weather we had while out there, it was cold and rainy most of the time.

As I mentioned in my first D.C. post, we got a chance to visit the Holocaust Museum and the American History Museum on Saturday. Saturday night, we drove to a little town called Tysons Corner and met some friends of my mom and sister for dinner, which was a lot of fun! Sunday morning, we took the Metro in to D.C. again and walked to the White House to snap a few pictures. We then hopped back on the Metro and went to Georgetown to meet my sister's friend Amy for brunch. Georgetown was really interesting, seeing all of the old buildings. The restaurant they chose ended up being full of history- it's the place where J.F.K. proposed to Jackie and several other presidents have eaten there over the years. It was called Martin's Tavern, I think.

The restaurant seemed a little small and I was nervous about taking Cooper in there and disturbing other customers, so he and I ended up grabbing a bite to eat at Starbucks instead and walking back into D.C. to check out the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument up close, and checking out a few more things at the American History Museum. It was pouring rain the whole walk from Georgetown to the Smithsonian and it took me about an hour and a half with a couple of sight-seeing stops along the way. I was pretty wet, but Cooper was all warm, dry, and cozy in the stroller! I know that if the weather had been better, we would've done a lot more walking around and sight-seeing, but the trip was really about seeing my sister and we had a great visit. I can't wait to get a chance to take our kids someday and really take time to explore all of the Smithsonian museums, the Holocaust Museum again, and other sights, like the Arlington National Cemetery.

Cooper and I, standing in front of the back side of the White House...
Looking through the fence of the front of the White House
I snapped this photo standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. You can see how wet and miserable it was outside, but I had so much fun walking all around and taking it all in!
Cooper and I walking through the Transportation Exhibit at the Smithsonian
Cooper did so well throughout the entire trip, even on the airplane! Doesn't he looked thrilled to be walking through the Smithsonian? :)
I stopped a stranger and asked him to take my picture with the Washington Monument in the background... it ended up looking like it was coming out of the top of my head!
In the photo, I was trying to get the Capitol Building in behind me without having to stop a stranger again... but didn't quite get it in the shot!
Second time is a charm! I hate these type of up-close and personal pictures of myself (especially after hours of walking in the rain), but I wanted a memory of being there- see the Capitol Building off in the distance? Also, my hair started out down that morning and then made it's way into a ponytail after my second shower...
Cooper was in the carseat and stroller so much throughout the trip, that he spent as much time as possible on his tummy when we were in my sister's room. While I was taking this picture, he was in the middle of telling me a very interesting story, probably about his favorite part of our adventurous day! :)


Jamie said...

What a fun trip! Cooper looks like such a happy, contented baby!

David said...

how fun. and even though the rain stinks, it maybe made the experience even more memorable.

which marathon are you doing? that will be loads of fun. i did the LA one in 2004. we're (me, lisa, sister kristin, and nephew matthew)doing the salt lake city half on april 18. can't wait.