Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Well-baby stats

Today I took all three kiddos in for their well-baby checks- Riley's 3 year, Tyson's 2 year, and Cooper's 4 month. Here's how they measured up!

3' 1.5" (54%) and 28lbs (19%)

2' 11.5" (73%) and 27lbs 4oz (37%)

2' 2.75" (93%) and 14lbs 5oz (30%)
The (%) is how they compare to other kids their age. The doctor put it well, they are all long and lean. I'm glad they are all growing and thriving! Did you notice that Tyson is only about a pound lighter than Riley? So funny! The one thing their doctor kept saying over and over was how impressed she was with Tyson's vocabulary and ability to communicate. Apparently he's pretty advanced verbally compared to other 2 year old boys- which can be good and bad for us! One of the benefits of having a talkative older sister!

As much as Riley and Tyson like to antagonize each other and fight over toys lately, it's nice to know they do still have a little love between them!


Lisa said...

Natalie and Tyson are the same size. And Cooper's got Lindsey beat already. How you handled 3 kids at the doctor's office is a whole other thing to post about... =)

David said...

do they do adult-well checks? i should probably go in for one.

bummer your double entry didn't pay off. good luck next time!

David said...

every time you write, In N Out gets mentioned lol maybe i'll have to head over there today and treat myself to a double double.