Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend 2010

Our holiday weekend began on Saturday with a visit to Washington and Rick's family property, where we visited with Tim, Debbie, Randy, Debbie, Melissa, and Cecil. The kids were able to run, play, get dirty, and spend some quality time with their aunts, uncles, and cousin. We played yard games, a card game, and had great conversations- a very wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

Running through the field picking flowers

"Here you go Mommy!"

Playing some games

Tyson with uncle Randy

Playing cards while the adults played, too.

What a fun day!
Riley wearing Uncle Tim's hat and some peanut butter and jelly from dinner! :)

We had a very low-key 4th of July at home. Now that we live within walking distance of Happy Valley Park, we were able to go down for a bit and enjoy the activities, come home and nap, then watch the fireworks from our very own driveway! Much better than packing up for the entire day and fighting traffic! Tyson's tummy was hurting, so we didn't stay at the park too long but still enjoyed a few of the festivities. The older two got to see part of the parade and play in the bounce houses. Then pizza for lunch and a few other things before we came home for some much needed naps!

Our friends the Langley's and my sister and Cassidy came over for a BBQ dinner and to enjoy the fireworks. I still can't believe how well we could see the community fireworks show from our driveway- it was great! Between dinner and the fireworks, the kids played in the backyard and we let off a few fireworks of our own in the street. The 11pm bedtime for the kids was totally worth it!

Making Papa proud- playing golf!

Cooper took a mini-nap at the park

And Riley was twirling her little heart out!

A visit to a firetruck- this is where you can tell Tyson wasn't feeling well. He even passed on the big slide before leaving the park, very unlike him! Luckily, he was back to normal after his 3 hour nap!

Rick and Cooper on the walk home- Tyson needed the stroller, so Cooper got a great ride!

Lots of kids on the trampoline!

Darkness = time for sparklers!!

Cooper didn't get to do any, but he LOVED watching them!

Riley is all set for the fireworks to start!

Here was our set-up in the driveway. We just pulled the patio furniture out front and sat back to enjoy the show!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend as well!!


rebeccaln said...

You do fourth of JULY right! Next time we are coming to your house!

Brianna said...

Cian wore the same shirt as Tyson and Cooper that day! Looks like a great time was had by all. I so wish we could watch the fireworks from our driveway!