Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Busy couple of days

Between me flying, planned vacations, kids in preschool/day care 3 days a week, and a few other summer fun activities, squeezing in trips to the Tri-Cities can be difficult. But that's just what Riley and I did on Monday, we squeezed in a quick, less than 24 hour trip (of actual time in the Tri) to the attend my sister-in-law's baby shower Monday evening. We left Portland at 9:45am Monday morning and were home again by 3pm on Tuesday! In that time, we stopped and had lunch, visited with my mom and grandma, attended the shower, visited with my dad and step-mom, slept (barely), got a chance to see my good friend Courtney's new (and amazing!) house and chat for a bit, and then drive home just in time for me to shower and head out the door to an early 6pm showing of Eclipse with some amazing women. Whew! I loved getting a chance to see my family, even if it was brief, and spending such quality "Girl Time" with my beautiful daughter. She was pretty excited about our trip too, and she was on her best behavior! (She also consumed WAY more sugar than she ever should in a 24 hour period of time, but she worked it off in laughter and swimming!)

Riley at the shower- that little box was filled with candy... hence all the sugar consumption! :)
(She is also still wearing some of her pizza on her face!)

Lauren, my sister-in-law.
She is due with the first grandchild that will carry the Burt name. :)

Finally, we get to go swimming- after a couple hours of begging!

The girls swam for nearly 2 hours, and we had to drag them out of the pool- purple lips, shivers, and all!

The only thing missing from my trip was a stop in at Bruchi's for my favorite chicken cheesesteak sandwich... silly Weight Watchers! I'm sure one of those sandwiches would account for an entire day's worth of Points... but, it would have been worth it! :)

I'm also tacking on a few more photos of the backyard, some we took in the morning when the sun was shining!

I think these photos turned out way better than the others!

Hopefully I'll get pictures of the front yard in the next couple of days!


Charm said...

ah, i have a weak spot for bruchi's. I worked there before the theater. yum cheesesteaks!

As for Eclipse, I liked it but I could obviously tell the differences from the book and i haven't read it in a while. Also it seemed like the wolves got bigger... also was good to see rosalie and jasper's background...even though they changed it a bit :)

David said...

how did you like eclipse?

i liked it more than new moon, not as much as twilight.