Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goodness gracious, look who's 5!!

Our bright, thoughtful, imaginative, loving, and adorable little lady turned 5 years old today...

Can I just say, she looks older to me!
"Five" sounds WAY cooler than "Four", doesn't it? :)

Waiting patiently for her ice cream... she was one tired girl after such an eventful birthday.
New birthday outfit to start her day, a video message from Mommy (who was out of town until mid-day), card and other goodies from her preschool friends, a Riley-only trip to Build-a-Bear with Mommy and Daddy to pick out a new outfit for Princess (her bunny that is celebrating her 2nd birthday today), dinner at Applebee's with her brothers, several phone calls from family, and then ice cream at home. She was actually falling asleep in the car on the way home and we had to force her to stay awake! :)

I hope she made a fantastic wish.

And not to leave out her brothers...
Cooper enjoying some ice cream.

And Tyson trying on Mommy's shoes.


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Riley!

I don't think 5 sounds that big, but oy vey, they all of a sudden LOOK so grown up!


Heidi D said...

Happy Birthday to you Riley! Sorry I'm so late. I'm so behind in blogging and commenting, it's embarrassing.