Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Cooper + a tricycle + the wall =
A pretty decent black eye!

(It was WAY more impressive in person!)

Two days after Cooper collided with the wall while at preschool, Riley was pushing an empty swing outside, looked away, then looked back just in time for the swing to hit her in the face... giving her a nice bruise right on her upper lip. Then, Tyson slipped while running outside a few minutes later and got a big bruise on his right cheek. Their teachers and I were joking that it might be a good idea to avoid the doctors office until their bruises clear up, otherwise we might be there a while! Thank goodness they document everything at the preschool, too! :)

I also have some great pictures from our Family Fort Fest on Sunday morning, but I'll have to post them Thursday when I get home from my trip. I got some cute pictures, remembered to bring the camera with me to upload them, but then accidentally grabbed the wrong cord... oops!

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