Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 11'

We certainly made the most of our Mother's Day, even though I am only home for about 16 hours on an overnight!

Rick and the kids got our day started with cards, hand-made gifts, and gift certificates from Spa Finder for another facial or massage!!

We decided to "skip" church since we were short on time before I have to leave for the airport, and we went to Jazzy Bagels for breakfast instead!
I love that place!!

Peanut butter smile!


Say "Cream Cheese!!"

We also visited the cemetery and left flowers for Grandma Doris (Rick's mom)... our 4th Mother's Day without her and she is missed constantly!

And a few family photos...

Love ALL the faces in this one!

Can't forget some with Daddy, too!
(Again, thankful for the automatic timer!)

I am blessed to have had SO many wonderful women in my life to help me in my own journey as a wife and mother: my grandma, mom, step-mom, sister, aunts, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, cousins, and cherished friends! Thank you all for being such strong, beautiful women that I can look up to and learn from! Love you all!

Now I'm off to the airport for 2 more days of the friendly skies!
San Fransisco, here I come!

And then a random picture of Mt. Hood from our drive home last week from the Tri-Cities.
So beautiful!

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Diane said...

Love Tyson's Van Gough. He may be a budding artist. Glad you had a nice time at home, even if for only 16 hours. Love the picture of Mt. Hood, too. Sometimes we catch it just perfect like that and it's amazing. Thanks for the call and happy Mother's day to you.....the first one to make me a mother!