Thursday, May 5, 2011

Snail Mail

(This was one of stacks sent out this week... the smaller of the two!)

I love mail.
I love sending mail and getting mail.
Not the kind that makes my phone vibrate, or that I have to type to reply to.
The kind with an envelope, stamps, and fun cards inside. Or a gift. Or money.
Sometimes, on a really slow day at the house, my trip to the mailbox can be the highlight! :)

Lately, I have been keeping the USPS very busy! Mother's Day, birthdays, and new babies, sending out Premier catalogs, and Thank You postcards for recent orders... I'm really getting to know the faces at my local post office!

Have you sent anything via snail mail lately?
You should, it might put a smile on someone's face!


Jamie said...

Bills? Your snail mail sounds much more fun!

Lisa said...

LOVE Snail Mail! There is NOTHING like a handwritten note. We've gotten written thank you notes from both the HVAC people (after we bought a new furnace) and the plumbers (after we paid them the rest of our savings), but still, it was SO NICE to get that.

HATE that christmas cards seem to have gone by the wayside. Even Children's birthday cards are being E-Vited now. =(


What are you doing for Riley's graduation? I'm thinking a balloon and new book - She loves the Ladybug Girl books and there's a new one out. I know it's a silly milestone to celebrate, but still. =)