Friday, September 30, 2011

A camping we will go...

And jet skiing and boating...
It was a fun-filled Labor Day weekend!
(Yes, I know it was a month ago...)

We were able to spend the last weekend of the summer before school started camping and hanging out with friends and family at the property in Washington. We brought the jet skis for the first time to ride on one of the nearby lakes, Yale Lake. We hung out by the campfire, played games, watched the kids run free in the field picking flowers and blackberries, and enjoyed some wonderful conversations. If it hadn't been so windy on the lake- think white caps, big waves, and things blowing off the picnic tables- it would have been the perfect weekend!

First night's campfire with 7 kids and 9 adults.

Riley doing her best scary campfire face.

Cassidy's first jet skiing ride... not alone, of course. Rick got on right after the picture was taken!

Having fun with one of THE best aunt's alive!!

Riley hanging out on the rocky shore.

Beautiful Yale Lake

With an AWESOME view of Mount St. Helens!

On Sunday, Tim put his boat in the water as well, so we had the 2 jet skis and a boat full of very excited kiddos!

The lake was still pretty choppy from the wind, but there was an great little cove we found to anchor in. There is a bridge you drive under into a no wake zone and there were boats anchored everywhere. The perfect place to swim a little... even IF the water was only 66 degrees. Burrrrr!!

The girls were trying to touch the bridge as the boat passed underneath... Our friend Nick actually grabbed onto the bridge while passing under, and he took a couple of jumps off into the brisk water!!

Three beautiful, happy girls!

I must say... I've been very against us ever getting a boat, but after the experience on Tim's boat and the memories it brought back from my childhood on a boat, I may have changed my mind. May have. The kids were natural boaters... they loved every bit of it. Cooper was even in the water longer than any of the other kids- such a trooper!

Rocked to sleep by the boat. :)

After a fun day of boating and jet skiing, the kids were able to play while we packed up to head home.

I'm looking forward to many more nights of camping, jet skiing, and boating... next summer. I love fall, but I'm definitely a little sad to say goodbye to summer.

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