Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!!

Another successful Halloween is in the books!!
(Of course, we gave the camera a good workout... here is just a sample.)

Cinderella, Pirate, and Fireman... thank goodness for costumes that still fit! Riley and Cooper are wearing last year's costumes again, and Tyson's is a dress-up outfit we've had for a couple of years. :)

I know I'm a little bias, but she really is a beauty!

Is it just me, or does Tyson look like he's posing for a future firefighters calendar?? He cracks us up!

All three by the only carved pumpkin of the 13 (!!!) we got this year. Most of the them were small, but still... 13?!?

We spent Halloween night Trick-or-Treating with some awesome friends, the Boxell's and the Langley's, in Canby. It was the PERFECT neighborhood! Tyson and Hayden we're talking on the walk back to the cars and summed it up pretty well, "We hit the JACKPOT!!"

One house had a real life scarecrow!!! He touched Rick on the neck and freaked us all out a little... then Riley posed for a photo (of course). :)

Riley and Kylee

With Mommy...

... and Daddy!

The kiddos... minus Halzie. Cooper wasn't too happy to pose for a photo either. :)

Silly faces.

A full family photo. :)

The van ride home was one of the quietest we've had in a very long time... probably since we stopped letting them watch videos in the van 2 months ago. :)

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Diane Wicks said...

Love Tyson posing for the fire fighter's calendar! That's just what it looked like.......and with those looks, he could be a model someday. Also love the ride home pic.........that Trick or Treating is hard work:)