Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cuddle Bug

I was going to wait until Cooper's birthday in a few weeks to do his post, but I decided I couldn't wait. 

Cooper is...

Quite the little floater and loves to swim!

Willing to try new things and a little adventurous.

A recovering TV junky... 
I think it's a curse for the youngest. The older two were already able to watch, so he was sort of "grandfathered in" much younger than his siblings were able to watch. Now the kids get a little TV on the weekends that they have to earn by doing simple chores.

An animal lover... especially Buddy.

Able to fall asleep nearly anywhere!

Betrothed... to Halzie. Since they were in utero. 

Just a really good kid... with an amazing heart.

An amazing son...

And brother...

A sometimes reluctant picture-taker. :)

A great towel-folder and a huge help around the house!

A little goofy... which we love.

Learning to write the alphabet... Why not practice in the sand?
From July... Do you see the C, T, X, and D? :)

Very excited to play soccer himself next year!

An official preschooler!

And nearly 4!!
What? When? How?

 We're are really looking forward to celebrating Cooper turning 4 in a few weeks with family and a few friends. In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy our frequent cuddles from Cooper... hence is nickname, Cuddle Bug. :)

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