Friday, September 28, 2012

Big Guy

It's Tyson's turn for a post all about him!

Tyson is...

An amazing story-teller with an awesome imagination! 
Future creative writer?

Very attached to Bolt.They're best buds.

A bit of a fish.

Sometimes a teeny bit overdramatic and a little moody. 
The sun was in his face in this picture. :)
And a some pouting at a family wedding. :)
Obsessed with taking goofy pictures. 
It's pretty much the only way we get the kids to take serious pictures... one serious, then one goofy. Win-win. :) I could fill an album with silly faced pictures of the kids... heck, maybe I will!

A reluctant hip-hop dancer.

A soccer stud. 
 (His "I'm ready!" face.)

Such a loving little and big brother...
...and son!

THE biggest Disney fan ever since our visit in August!
It's all he talks about these days, and he was in heaven the whole time we were there!

 Although not a huge fan of the big rides...

A book-lover, inquisitive, and very creative!
For more on his chalk art, read this blog.

A kindergartener!!

A charmer- with an infectious smile!
We are suprised by Tyson everyday with his thirst for knowledge and his caring heart! Today, while I was working in Tyson's class, another parent complimented Tyson on his impressive reading skills and asked what we do with him. Rick has worked on phonics with Tyson, but the truth is reading just comes naturally to him. One of his own goals by the end of kindergarten is to be able to read a chapter book all by himself. I hope he reaches his goal!

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Diane Wicks said...

He is amazing, that's for sure! And grandpa's good bud. How can I not love a fellow Disney fanatic? You are blessed with all three and I love your blogs about them!