Saturday, January 24, 2009

A few photos

Cooper had a great time trying out the Bumbo for the first time today, he was smiling and talking up a storm!
Our handsome little man, Tyson, enjoying some playtime in the bathtub!
Riley "needed" her sunglasses at bedtime because the nightlight was "too bright"... this is how we found her a couple of hours later!


Lisa said...

Gotta love those Bumbo's!

MSB said...

The sunglasses, the robe, the book, the toys... it all looks so familiar!

Shellea Newberry said...

OH my gosh! Mr Thames! Do you remember a very spirited, full of life girl named Nicole Newberry, from Gilbert Heights? Blast from the past for sure. Nicole always talks of you fondly as her favorite teacher. She says, "He just gets me." Which if you recall, was not always easy ;-)

I was ordering pictures of her newborn baby girl, Lillian Iris Davis and happened on your blog. What a beautiful family you have!

Nicole & Daniel's baby was born Jan 8th, 2009. Daniel is a marine stationed in NC right now, due to be deployed soon, so Nicole is living with us until his safe return.

Nicole is going to MHCC and will receive her Associates this spring. Her major is Education & Languages. She plans on being a linguist, so where ever Daniel is stationed she can teach and/or be an interpreter. I believe you were instrumental in her desire to become a teacher.

I had to comment on your blog and your precious family. You are blessed for sure!

Take care, Shellea Newberry

Lisa said...

Love them all! Riley looks like an 80s pop diva or something with her bangs spread out like that and the shades!