Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That smile

"Tyson Guy Thames!"

"Riley Ann!"

Unfortunately, I have fallen right into the parental stereotype of using first, middle, and sometimes last names on the kids when they have gotten into or done something they know they're not suppose to. Where does this come from? Like they're really going to listen to me more because I've used more names or something. Well, yesterday after Riley spent her much needed nap/quiet time playing rather than sleeping, she was in rare form. Acting out, whining, and blatantly not listening to me... very frustrating. I was trying to stay cool about it, until she tried to climb into Cooper's little vibrating chair as I was trying to put him in it at the same time...

Me: "Riley Ann Thames!"
Riley: "Mommy Ann Thames!" *
*Complete with a smart-alecky smile/smirk, just daring me to do something about it... Ooh, I hate that smile!

Sadly, my very first thought was, "Well, that is my middle name...", followed by Riley being put into timeout for talking back to Mommy... She's not even 3 yet and I already see trouble in the years to come, wrapped up in that little smile.


Babyfro said...

Somehow... you predicted my future too!

Lisa said...

LOL.....Lorelai said that to me once. I had just finished with my usual..."Lorelai Leigh Sorenson!" to which she replied, "Mommy Leigh Sorenson!"

These kids are smart.... a little too smart...

Lisa said...

People with all boys just don't know what they're missing! Can't wait to see what we're writing about 10 years from now. Scary, huh?