Friday, January 23, 2009

More funny things from Riley

I know I've been writing a lot lately about the funny things Riley and Tyson say and do, but my plan is to make a book out of my first year's blog entries and I want to capture as many memories of their cuteness as possible! They both talk so much and have so many fun things to say. Here are just a few from today!

This morning I was trying to sneak a muffin in for breakfast while feeding Cooper. Riley came in the room, took one look at the muffin and said:

"Mommy, I try some. It's probably berry yummy!"

While playing with mega blocks with Tyson, he got up and ran across the room saying, "Come here, Riley!" Her response:

"Hold on a minute. Can't you see I'm busy!" (something I must have said sometime... how sad!)

I asked Riley what she wanted for lunch today and she said peanut butter and jelly and I told her we were out of bread, so we would have to have something else. She walked away and came back a couple of minutes later:

Riley: "Mommy, don't talk at me that way, it makes me berry sad."
Me: "What did I say to make you sad?"
Riley: "Saying we hab no bread. It makes me berry sad."
I had to explain that I wasn't saying we had no bread to be mean, I just needed to go to the store and buy some later. I think she understood...

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