Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camping adventures

Fort Stevens 2009

The kids were kept entertained during the car ride by watching movies on the our old iPhones.

First stop after setting up camp was the beach! The temps were HOT for the coast, around 90 degrees. Perfect day!

Of course, I was expecting cooler weather and didn't pack swimsuits... we had the white trash kids on the beach in their diapers because I didn't want a dirty stroller!

Playing in the sand with grandma and grandpa.

Cooper, enjoying the beach and warm weather, too!

One of the only photos of me from the trip... also to prove Cooper isn't ALWAYS stuck in the stroller.

Love baby feet in the sand!

Love dirty beach faces, too! Sand and snot do not mix! :)
We had to rip Tyson away from the sand, he was in heaven!

Riley looking sweet.

Day 2 we visited the batteries at Fort Stevens.

The kids had fun climbing around in an Indian longhouse.

Rick and the kids.

"Driving" an old military jeep.

We made our way into Seaside for the afternoon to have lunch. Grandpa bought the kids their very first ice cream cones- mint chocolate chip, YUM!

What messy fun!!

Probably my favorite photo from the trip, taken on Rick's cell phone.
Tyson loves his grandpa and felt pretty special wearing grandpa's hat and getting a ride!

We planned to return to the beach, but the kids found digging around the campsite to be fun, too.

Riley was making some yummy "oatmeal".

While Tyson played on the fire pit, eventually falling in and getting ash everywhere... thank goodness for the bathtub in grandma and grandpa's fifth wheel!

I think Cooper liked camping.

We also fit in a quick bike ride around the trails at Fort Stevens.

We had a good time camping with my mom and step-dad, although it was a lot of work! The weather was crazy, ranging from the 90's when we pulled in on Tuesday to rain while we packed up and left on Thursday. As the kids get older and are able to ride bikes and (hopefully) not wander off as much, camping will get easier and more fun. They definitely enjoyed all the dirt, digging, freedom, the beach, junk food, and cuddling at night with mommy and daddy. And it looks like our little trip to Fort Stevens will be the only camping we're able to do this year.


David said...


sand and snot definitely do not mix! my favorite picture ever is of one nephew at the beach with sand all over his snotty face.
is fort stevens in oregon?

Perry said...

That looked like a lot of fun. What campground did you stay at?

Maggie said...

You are a brave woman to take those three to the beach and camping. Looks like they had a great time. Boys are crazy aren't pits...they always find that kinda stuff. We should talk soon. My cell is dead but feel free to call me at home if you get a chance and I might answer if I get a chance...when are you having an overnight to come see me and Lucy?