Monday, August 10, 2009

Setting a good example

Last week, Riley started a story like this:

"Mommy, when you were out running and daddy was doing his exercises..."

The story continued on about how she hurt her arm on the table, but the beginning was my favorite part. Rick has been getting up with the sun every morning to complete his hour+ workout with the P90X program and I am still plugging away at my marathon training runs 3 days a week. Around 6:45am, when the kids wake up, they used to ask, "Where's daddy?" Now they just say, "Is daddy doing his exercises?" And yesterday, when I returned from my 9 mile run all sweaty and gross, Tyson knew it was from running- plus, he wouldn't give me a hug and told me I needed a shower. Nice, right? The point is, I really hope we are laying a great foundation for our kids, modeling great physical health and eating habits.

We look forward to the days when we can go on family walks (minus strollers) and bike rides, maybe even some family runs! But, that is a ways off...

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Babyfro said...

That's great Brooke. I know when I work out (on the rare occasion at the moment) Christopher likes to participate and will try mimicking me. It's cute. Can't wait until my health issues improve and I can get more active.

Keep it up, you give some of us some much needed motivation.