Sunday, August 23, 2009

Marathon Training Update

I'm procrastinating. I'm at Cafe' Delirium in downtown Gresham, my homework hotspot, NOT doing my homework. Before arriving here to write an Art lesson plan for my class tomorrow night, I completed my long run for the week- 12 miles. I'm tired, achy, tired, hungry... you get the idea. I can't focus at all on homework. So, I'm blogging instead.

The marathon training has been plugging along. I'm in love with the 3 day a week schedule, I'm just beginning to wonder if I'll really be able to complete the 26.2 miles in only 6 weeks. The 12 today was not overly hard, but it also wasn't even half the distance! I had one guy tell me that the first 20 miles of the race is all physical and the last 6.2 is all mental. Mind over matter... and pain and doubt. I'm already trying to figure out what motivating songs I need on my playlist around hour 3!

Next week's long run jumps to 14 miles, I think. It will officially mark my longest run at one time ever... wish me luck! :)


libbie said...

Good Luck! You can totally do it.

BTW . . . how do you do all of this? Three Kids,Marathon Running, Working, School? Please give me some helpful hints because most days I can't even manage to get myself to shower!

Lisa said...

I'm with libbie. You are totally super woman! 12 miles. That's like how far it is to the interstate - and I DRIVE there!

David said...

when i did my marathon, they blasted Don't Stop Believin' at mile 20, it was perfect! Try putting that one on your playlist.

Lisa said...

You are officially my hero!

Lisa said...

Where are you doing this? Up and down streets? At a track?

Kathleen said...

My sister always joined me for the last 5 or 6 miles. That really helped. See if someone you know would be willing to run the last few miles with you. It really helps to have someone there to help push you along!
I never listened to music, at most races headphones are "illegal". Sometimes I wish I had music.
The advice you got is right by the way...first 20 miles physical, last 6 mental. You already ran a far distance by the time you get to 20, from there on you just have to push yourself. For me, it always hurt worse to stop and walk, so I was better off just to keep going until I was done! Good luck!! So proud of you and look up to you! Three kids, full time job and training. I starting running agin recently, but haven't been out in a week again. How quickly time flies!