Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Marathon Training Update

The nerves are really setting in... Less than 3 weeks to go until the big day and I think about it constantly. I survived my 16 mile run this past Sunday, but it wasn't easy. And all I kept thinking was, the real thing is 10 miles longer than this?!? This Sunday is my longest run until the marathon, 18 miles, and I have a better hydration/eating plan in place, hoping it will help a little. Help me not feel like quitting or dying... :) I have to say, out there pounding the pavement all by myself can mess with my head. I actually spent the last 4 miles on Sunday convincing myself that if I didn't finish the full 16 miles, nobody would ever know! What a quitter, right? I resisted though... promise.

I talked to my mom today, she and my stepdad are going to come the weekend of the marathon to help cheer me on at the finish line with Rick! It will be great to have them all there. I'm still hoping to add a few more upbeat songs to my iPod playlist... maybe some cheesy stuff from the 80's and 90's. Any suggestions? :)


Lisa said...

Okay, I put some very brief, but very serious thought into this. Some of them I went off the titles as inspirational, others I just thought would be great to run to (if I ran). Hope you like 'em. =)

"I Need a Hero!"

"Holiday" "Where's the Party?" Madonna

"Sk8er Boi" Avril Lavigne

"Under the sea" Little Mermaid

"Goodbye Earl" Dixie Chicks

"ABC" Jackson 5

"Just Can't Wait to be King" LionKing

"More More More" Kylie Minogue

"Beat It" Michael Jackson

"Guys Do It All The Time" Mindy McCready

"Physical" Olivia Newton John

"5432 Run" SheDaisy

"How Do You Like Me Now" Toby Keith

867-5309 Jenny "Tommy Tutone"

"Funky Town" Lipps, Inc

"Land of 1000 Dances" Wilson Pickett

"Respect" Arethra Franklin

Jock Jams 1 - the entire album

"Danger Zone" Top Gun

"Uptown Girl" Billy Joel

"karma Chameleon" Boy George

"Video Killed the Radio Star" Buggles

"Girls just Want to Have Fun" Cyndi Lauper

"You Spin Me Round" Dead or Alive

"Straight Up" Paula Abdul

I would say "5000 miles" because of the title, but I don't really like that song


Heather said...

Hey Brooke,
I too listen to mostly inspirational music while I run, but I'm only needing 10 songs or so! I can only imagine it gets hard. But, by far the best song I have on my playlist for picking up my feet is called
"By and By" - it's on Selah's CD, (the Hymns one, I think) but it's sung with an African choir and a great beat.

I also love "Lord of Lords" by Hillsong...even has a line in it..."I'll run 'til I finish the race." It's not upbeat, but I always feel refreshed while listening to it. Check 'em out! ~H

ArizonaLewis said...

you may HATE me for this but i think you should take a break from the music for a couple miles and allow yourself to digest some of the crazy thoughts that come with the lack of electrolytes. you're doing portland's full right? i did that a couple of years ago and the scenery was so amazing that i didn't even want music.

i understand putting them on for that hill around miles 16-19. that was a pisser stretch.

and yes. i want to come to portland to take you shopping and do some photos. know anyone else in your area that would want photos done so i can make it worth it? i'm serious. :)

David said...

oh my gosh, look at the list that lisa gave you!

knowing that your family is at the finish line will help you get through it.

Maggie said...

You totally have to have "Eye of the Tiger", especially for that hill that sounds painful and ridiculous. I can't believe you are really going to do this...your so brave! Anyway, I also think you should have "Footloose", and "Love is a Battlefield" if we're going 80's.