Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School 2010

It's that time of year again!

This morning...

Rick was off to meet 32 new eager sixth graders on the first day of the new school year!

Riley begins her second year of preschool and is pretty excited to be moving downstairs in the building... the big time! She's been singing about her new teacher, Teacher Valerie, and the Lavender Room all weekend. :)

Tyson is beginning his first official day of preschool, even though he's been going all summer... he looked so handsome and grown up! He'll be hanging out in the Red Room with Teacher Ashley!

Cooper will also be in a classroom all day, everyday at the preschool. He seems to really love it, and he comes home with all sorts of artwork! He gets Teacher Karin!

Best shot of all three of them, after failed attempts on the stairs, couch, and in the entry way. :)

And love this one with Riley doing one of her new favorite "poses" and Cooper doing his "cheese" face!

As for me, on this first day of school... I will be off flying the friendly skies, not welcoming new students for the school year. Although I would have loved to begin my teaching career this year, it's a very tough, competitive time for the few teaching positions available. So, I'll be doing a balancing act this year, splitting my time between flying and substitute teaching. Should be interesting. I can only hope for some sort of long-term subbing position so I can be home every night and get some great teaching experience in the process!

Appropriate for Oregon, it was raining this morning... The kids were trying to smile, but couldn't because of the rain. And they were very distracted by every puddle between the van and the front gate!

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