Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tiny Dancer

Riley started dance classes last Saturday, a little combo class with 20 minutes each of ballet, tumbling, and tap. She was so excited and just looked adorable! The first week is the only class that they leave the curtain open for parents to watch, and of course I forgot the good camera- thank goodness for cell phone cameras! The photos I captured are a little grainy from zooming in, but better than nothing!

The whole class introducing themselves to the teacher

Doing some stretches!

And waiting her turn to tumble. :)


David said...


after the first class you can't watch anymore?

Brooke said...

Yes, and it's totally for the best! The girls get SO distracted by wanting to wave at mommy and daddy, which is disruptive to the teacher and the class. I don't mind it at all. Riley loves being there, so I'd rather she be able to focus without me staring at her through a fishbowl like window!