Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Goodbye get-together

The entire Thames family (sans David) got together last Saturday night to say goodbye to Michael and Sarah (our nephew and his wife). They are moving east to help Sarah's mom as she battles breast cancer, while Sarah's dad is deployed beginning in January. Busy lives and full schedules usually prevent the family from getting together regularly, so it was great to have (almost) everyone here, even if it was for such a sad occasion.

Sarah having fun with the kids!

Tim & Debbie's whole family, including significant others

And without significant others

Michael (nephew) & Sarah

Aren & Jamie (niece)

Jonathan & Emma (niece)

Ryan & Melissa (niece)

The brothers and the Debbies :)

Tim & Debbie

Randy & Debbie

We wish Michael and Sarah all the best and very safe travels as they hit to road today!


Alaskiana said...

Sounds like you guys have had a busy and fun summer! Love all the pictures!

I've just about given hope of you ever flying through Jackson again:(

David said...

brooke, are you watching amazing race this year? i think it's one of the best seasons in quite a while. good teams and a great mix of locations.

Brooke said...

David, yes I am watching Amazing Race! I was bummed to see the birth mother/daughter team go home last week, but overall I'm enjoying this season. Do you have any favorites??

David said...

i'm really liking the asian dad. and the home shopping network girls are good too. there's not anybody yet who i dont' like. usually, every season has a villain, but not this one so far.