Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a fun, eventful couple of days over Christmas this year! We were able to squeeze in a quick trip to the Tri-Cities to visit my family, opening gifts and visiting with my dad and step-mom on the 22nd, and then doing the same with my mom, step-dad, grandma, sister, and niece on the 23rd. We forgot to bring the camera to my dad's, but were able to capture a few good pictures at my mom's.

I love this picture because it shows the boys coloring nicely at the eating bar, while my grandma is teaching the girls how to play Rummy in the background at the table. It was a very peaceful moment. :)

The girls giving us a concert- they sang "Jingle Bells"!

Gotta love cousins!

Cooper was MIA... but still a cute picture of siblings!

Rick and I during our break from opening gifts.
We let the kids open, sent them off to play, then had adult time to open gifts with a little less chaos!

We drove home on Christmas Eve and got some cute photos of the kids before tucking them in, so Santa could visit the house... and so Rick and I could START all of our wrapping! I usually don't like to be so last-minute, but between flying a couple of trips, subbing, and visiting the Tri-Cities, I literally had NO time before the night of the 24th... next year I will plan a little better! Hopefully.

We got zero pictures of all five of us in front of any tree... or any place for that matter. But, we managed to get some great ones of the kids... after much wrestling with our squirmer (aka Cooper).

The kids opened their matching footie pajamas right before bed.

Before Santa's arrival...

And after...

We had a great morning!

I think she liked it... :)

Cooper put every bow on his head... and he carried around a bag of fruit snacks all morning... apparently we could have just gotten him fruit snacks and he would have been super happy!

Round 4 of presents with Rick's family...

All the guys and their matching Santa shirts... except David, who I'm sure will get one next year from Debbie!

And finally, the prize for the most creative gift goes to David who found a way to get that crazy bronze deer into our house. It's a running joke with the Thames family, it was Doris and Cecil's and nobody seems to want it, but nobody wants to get rid of it either! Now we just have to figure out how to pass it along! :)
Cooper seemed to like it though!


Lisa said...

Love it. the jammies, the doll house, the bow head, the santa shirts, and what a fun family *game* with the deer. Merry Christmas, Brooke! =)

Diane Wicks said...

I'll totally take the bronze deer and take very good care of it. It's so ME. I'm sure Doris would be happy to have it at my house, too!