Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting from A to B

How do you commute to work??

Drive a car?

Ride a bike?

Or simply walk down your stairs?
(I'm a little jealous of this one!)

I commute to work (well, to one of my jobs at least) by airplane. I live in the Portland area and I commute back and forth to Oakland for my job with Southwest. Not always ideal because I am a slave to the flight schedules, which means I can often sit in Oakland for up to 3 hours waiting for my check-in or waiting for a flight home. I miss out on precious time at home.

On my commute down this morning, I started to look at the brighter side of sitting on an airplane or sitting in a lounge waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I rarely just sit these days, even at home, so sitting on a 2 hour flight to Oakland has given me a chance to get things done that I neglect at home... like Christmas cards, for example. Or reading a good book, catching up on Netflix movies, challenging my mind with a crossword, or simply sit and listen to music.

So, what do you get done on your commute? I know it's impossible to do all the things I am able to do on your own commute, but I hope you can at least find a way to use the time for something productive or relaxing!

The good news is, I will actually get our Christmas cards out on time this year- Christmas letter and all! They could have been out a few days ago, sans letter, but I decided to hold out. One little flight down to Oakland and I have all envelopes stuffed, stamped, and addressed, AND I have a letter written! (I am patting myself on my back you read this... )

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Lisa said...

FYI - I drive 40 miles each way on the interstate. I use the time to listen to MY music. Loudly. And sing sometimes. I wish I could use that time to read - ah how I miss that.