Saturday, April 16, 2011

Girl's Night Out

I love having so many girlfriends who share my love of the Blazer's!!
Actually, these two ladies are probably bigger fans than I am! :)

Melissa, Rachael, and I waiting to get autographs before the game. :)

Rudy Fernandez #5, just after he signed Rachael's jersey!

She was pretty excited to get his autograph ON her jersey!!
I was hoping Nicolas Batum would be there as well to sign mine... maybe next time!

Our view of the court from the 200 level.

Having some fun... I'm standing in front of Batum (and wearing his jersey), and Rachael is wearing a Fernandez jersey and standing in front of him!

Playoffs start tonight, and I'm so excited!!!
And it looks like Rick and I will be attending Game 4 of the series against Dallas next Saturday afternoon. Woo hoo!!


Michelle said...

Brooke, my husband was the "6th man" two years ago at a game and his t-shirt is signed by Nicolus! Glad you are having so much fun! This is our last year of having tickets.


Lisa said...

Y'all are funny! =) And totally good for you for having (big!) girls time!

David said...

go Lakers!

Brooke Ann said...

Now that's just cold, David. :)