Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Our Easter in a nutshell... Or would it be eggshell??

  • Easter Bunny made an appearance ("He" ran out of time and was kind of lame this year, especially to Cooper)
  • Chocolate chip pancakes (yum)
  • The 8:30am service at church (AMAZING Bridge message!)
  • In house egg hunt (silly OR rain...)
  • Egg coloring (nothing was stained!)
  • Tacos for lunch (yum, again)

Still to come...

  • Rick leaving for Outdoor School for 5 days (yes, on Easter... yes, it sucks.)
  • Quality time with the family for Easter dinner (more yummy food)
  • Early bedtimes for ALL (mine will be Nyquil induced because I have yet another cold)

And of course, loads of photo ops...

Riley got Tangled, Princess card games, and some cute pj's

Tyson got a new backpack and a Batum bobblehead (thank you Wells Fargo!)
He was excited to see something Blazer's!

Cooper got Memory and sidewalk chalk

I love all of these pictures of the kids... I couldn't just pick one...

These are the times when we are very thankful for automatic timers on cameras!!
(Also, when I begin to realize that I need to start using powder... HEL-LO shiny!)

As much as I am going to miss Rick while he is gone getting drenched this week at Outdoor School, I am looking forward to a few days of rest for myself (just say "No!" to subbing), and finally giving the house the TLC it has been lacking since mid-February. I feel a little productivity coming on... :)


Papa and Grandma said...

A very Happy Easter to all of you! Sounds like a wonderful day for all of you. The kids looked liked they enjoyed what the Easter Bunny left them. Enjoy your quiet week of not working, sounds like you might need a little rest. Give the kids a hug and a kiss from us. Love Papa and Grandma

David said...

happy easter. 2nd!