Saturday, April 30, 2011


I feel like the only trips I make to the Tri-Cities lately are super quick, one night trips- the most recent one taking place this past week with all 3 kids in tow. I had booked a jewelry show (yay!) and Rick was at Outdoor School for the week, so the kids and I took a road trip!!

Things I loved about the road trip:

  • Listening to the kids play games from the backseat. They played I Spy, searched for cloud shapes ("Look, it's a flying camel!"), looked for trains (Me: "There's the caboose." Tyson: "And the one in the front was the line leader!"), told nonsensical Knock, Knock jokes ("Knock knock. Who's there? Riley. Riley who? Riley Ann Thames!" followed by fits of giggles), watched movies (How to Train Your Dragon and Toy Story), asked "When are we going to get to the bridge?" about 50 times each (the one crossing into Washington), and said "Goodbye, Oregon!" and "Hello, Washington!" when finally crossing said bridge.
  • Getting to hold another successful Premier Jewelry Show with a group of wonderful ladies AND booking 3 more shows in the months to come! Which means more Bruchi's chicken cheesesteaks for me... I get at least one every visit. (I have been know to get one for lunch when I pull into town and another one for lunch on my way out the next day...)
  • Grandma and Grandpa watching all 3 kids for the very first time! They fed them dinner and put them to bed, giving me the opportunity to actually DO the Home Show! Thank you!!
  • The kids being able to run themselves ragged outside playing! We are just closing the books on one of the 3rd wettest April in Portland's history, with record low temps as well. I decided after this trip that I would take Tri-Cities wind over Portland's rain almost any day, because at least the kids could still play outside without mud being an issue! They LOVED every second of it and hopefully got a good dose of Vitamin D in the process. :)
  • Listening to the silence of wiped out, sleeping kids on the trip home. Riley and Cooper were out by the time we crossed back into Oregon, and Tyson watched a movie with a zoned out looked on his face. I also enjoyed the view of Mt. Hood surrounded by blue skies on the way home!
  • We arrived home only 5 minutes after Rick, and we were all SO happy to see him after 5 nights away.
I'm looking forward to heading back (solo) in late May for another Home Show, and looks like all five of us will be able to make a trip in late June, early July actually visit for a few days!