Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Life around the Thames household has been pretty busy lately, with a few recent changes and lots of fun and exciting things to look forward too. Here is a little rundown of some of the things on the horizon or have recently happened:

It's been...
8 days since Riley has worn a diaper- only Pull-Ups to sleep in- and only a few accidents. She is doing amazing! She LOVES her new Elmo big-girl-panties...
4 days since I turned 30 and I still feel exactly the same! Bring on a new decade!

3 days until we pick up our new tent trailer. We hope to spend most of the summer camping all over the Pacific Northwest!
5 days until we see Baby #3 on another ultrasound... normally we'd be excited to be finding out boy or girl, but this time around we're going to be surprised in October! We're just hoping to see 10 fingers, 10 toes, and a healthy, growing baby!
Also 5 days until our kitchen is turned upside-down, with cabinets being refaced, new floors being installed, and new granite counters being put in. Woo-hoo!!!
10 days until I take the CBEST, my first step towards entering the Masters in Teaching program at Warner Pacific in August.
11 days until Father's Day, a day when we can honor and celebrate the amazing men- husbands/fathers to our children, fathers, grandfathers- in our lives!
15 days until Rick is officially finished with the school year and we have to whole summer to enjoy as a family! I can't wait!!!
22 days until we leave for our big trip to Disney World. I'm not looking forward to the plane trip with a one and two-year old, but it will ALL be worth it! We're already bracing ourselves for some serious meltdowns and the heat, but also some serious fun!
30 days until the 4th of July, when we will be volunteering with our Life Group (Bible study group) at the Happy Valley 4th of July celebration at Happy Valley Park.
46 days until our big Mariners game trip to Seattle, again with our Life Group. We'll be camping and taking in a game- too bad they aren't having a better season!!
Approximately 144 days until my estimated due date! It sounds so far away, but I'm sure the time will FLY BY!!

I think I got all the highlights!

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