Monday, June 16, 2008

Our "big mess"

Riley can't get over how "broken" our kitchen has been and what a "big mess" the house has been since last Monday when the kitchen project began. Thank goodness for part-time day care, because I have been able to take the kids everyday from 9am-3pm so they don't have to be around all the noise, funny smells, and messes being made to make our kitchen look new and beautiful. The house is an absolute mess! All the contents of the kitchen cabinets are in boxes in the family room and it seems pointless to clean or organize the rest of the house at this point, so we are just living in temporary chaos. And it gives me a slight anxiety attack whenever I think about it, but I know the end result will all be worth it!

It has been nice having the kids go to day care so they can have some consistency and nap time and I have been exhausted from being on the go constantly because I don't want to really be around the house either with all the noise. The biggest challenge has been living without a dishwasher, running water in the kitchen, microwave, stove, or oven... basically no way to cook meals. So, the kids have been getting hot meals for lunch at day care and living off of peanut butter and jelly, while Rick and I gain weight eating fast food over and over. I never thought I'd see the day that Rick wasn't excited about having Panda Express, but when you have it a few times in one week it starts to not sound so hot! I actually look forward to the day I can cook meals again and have a working oven and stove. Everything should be done and we'll have our kitchen back by Friday!! Here are some pictures of the before kitchen, the "broken" kitchen, and the pile of kitchen in the family room:

All cleaned out and ready to be torn up!

Minus cabinet doors and counter-tops... very "broken"!

I can't wait to have our house back to normal!! Here's the messy family room.

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