Monday, June 23, 2008

Project complete!

After nearly two weeks and many, many meals on the go, our kitchen is complete! The guy finished his work on Friday, but there was still quite a mess to clean up, patchwork in many places on the wall, and a few appliances to install, which Rick took care of on Saturday. After the kids went to bed on Sunday, I made a Starbucks/Dairy Queen run (Mocha Frappuccino for me, Butterfinger Blizzard for Rick) and we worked and worked until everything was done... 2 a.m.! I did most of the kitchen stuff on my own and Rick worked on finishing a few touches on the walls and installing new toilets in our three bathrooms. I just have to add here that there is nothing sexier than watching your husband tackle a new household project and kicking butt at it! He's amazing! It was important to us to have it all done before we leave for Disney World on Thursday. So, although the today was rough from the lack of sleep, I am so happy to have it all done and re-organized!

We originally had white, tile counter tops, white appliances, the cabinets were Oak, and there was a dark tile floor the previous owners put in themselves. We had the counters replaced with granite and a tile back-splash, an under-mount stainless sink added, replaced all the appliances with stainless steel, had the cabinets refaced and the doors are now Cherry wood, and we had a laminate floor laid down from the front door, all the way into the kitchen. We also replaced our old, light wood and white kitchen table with a bar-height table that has a lighter wood top that matches the floors and darker legs that bring out the dark in the granite.

You can find some before pictures in my "Our 'big mess'" post. I don't think pictures do it justice, especially the new floors, but here are some pictures of how it all turned out.

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Alaskiana said...

WOW! IT LOOKS AMAZING...I know you guys will love the new space. Unbelievable what a difference a little updating can make.

Unfortunately I don't think I can swing it to Orlando. This week/weekend (Wed - Thurs) is the "Smith Family vacation" and since I took a week of for AK I have no time left for even a day off next week. I thought Orlando was only 5 hours a way, but it's more like 7, so definitely not a day and back drive. I'm so bummed that you'll be so close and I can't see you. But all hope is not lost, we'll be in Jackson by September, and Southwest flies there, so maybe I'll be able to afford a ticket to come visit sometime in the near future.

Have a ton of fun at Disney! I'm there in spirit - I love that place!!