Monday, July 21, 2008

Camping and baseball

We have an amazing group of friends from church in our Life Group that we spend most of the year studying the Bible with. We take the summer off from study, but have still tried to find ways to hang out and have some fun. This past weekend, we made a road trip up to the Tacoma/Seattle area for some camping and to attend a Mariners game. We stayed at a fun campground about 45 minutes southwest of Tacoma called Penrose Point State Park. Only our second trip with our new tent trailer. We went up on Friday to set up and enjoyed the evening of spaghetti and s'mores with the Langley's, who also came and set up camp on Friday evening.

On Saturday afternoon, Jeff and Erin Boxell and Jared and Kelley Thompson joined us, just in time to play a game of Yahtzee while the kids napped. We all brought part of dinner (corn on the cob, potatoes, and rolls) and our own meat to grill and had a group dinner while enjoying a campfire. The guys also enjoyed a couple of games of Baggo, a beanbag yard game Rick and I got as a Christmas gift from Rick's mom. It's very fun and kind of addicting to play! Rick and I will be playing a lot more often when our backyard is all complete and level in a couple of weeks (more on that in a later post). We cooked more s'mores over the campfire Saturday night and then had a group breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast before the game on Sunday morning.

Here's the pop-up trailer we will be vacationing in for the next several summers- we love it! These pictures of the camper were taken from our first camping trip the previous weekend.

Jared and Kelley sitting by the campfire.

The Langley's- Hayden, Rachael, Kevin, and Kylee

Riley really gets into saying "cheese" for pictures these days!
Daddy and Tyson

Riley couldn't get enough of digging in the dirt and filling her bucket. She was filthy the entire weekend, especially under her fingernails- YUCK!

Tyson was using the tape measure as a camera and saying "cheese" while I was trying to take his picture with the real camera- so cute!

The game itself was an interesting experience. The M's lost 6-2, but I can't say Rick and I were able to actually watch much of the game. The kids were pretty wiggly, but they seemed to have fun! The first game we took them to last year was a night game and they slept a majority of the time. All in all, it was a very enjoyable weekend with friends!!

Doesn't he look like a true Mariners fan- that hat lasted about 10 minutes on his head!

More "cheese" from Riley. She got her own pink Ichiro Mariners shirt!

Daddy and Tyson again! I thought this was a cute picture of the two of them.

Riley had fun playing peek-a-boo with Erin and Kelley sitting in front of us.

Brother and sister hugs- these make my heart happy!

Rick and I getting a little moment without the kids! Boy, I look really pregnant in this picture...

The family shot.

Tyson made a new pal over the weekend. He really took to Jared, "helping" him put up their tent, take it down, and wanted to be held by him most of the weekend. Jared and Kelley were great about occupying the kids while we packed up on Sunday morning- thanks guys!

Riley and her sunglasses... :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brooke,
Speaking of baseball... I sure hope that you are watching the games this week. Your dads favorite team is playing. Only kidding! I should say mine.I love to tease you and your dad. Great pictures. The kids are just so cute.....