Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Fun

I have been the worst about keeping up with blogging lately, we have just been so busy and on the go since Rick got out of school. I think we figured out we've been gone as many days as we've been home in the last month! Even the days we have been home have been preparing/packing to leave or unpacking and doing laundry. We still have a few more things planned for the remainder of the summer, but it should settle down quite a bit. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the kids so far this summer from our random activities...

I just love his smile!

That pool is SO tiny, but they seemed to have fun splashing around in it- and the water was freezing! It looked a bit bigger last year when it was only Riley in it... :)

These next two were taken on our first camping trip of the summer a couple of weeks ago and the kids enjoyed riding their "bikes", taking walks in the wagon, riding with Daddy in the bike trailer, and generally getting dirty! They seem to LOVE camping!

Riley and cousin Cassidy having some fun by the pool and grandma and grandpa's house. Don't you love the goggles?!

Tyson plopped down and decided to take a little break from playing some golf and have some "juice"- trying to drink from an unopened can of Mountain Dew.

He also had fun helping grandma water all the pots around the patio.

Riley must have a thing for sunglasses... like the goggle picture above, she decided this headband made the perfect pair of "glasses". She looks like she belongs on Star Trek or something!

She decided Tyson needed a pair too... pink ones, of course!

Doesn't he look stylish!

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