Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun at the property

Rick's family has property outside of Woodland, Washington and we were up there a couple of weekends ago to help clear out some trees, mow, and burn in order to get it ready for camping this season. They had done most of the work the day before, so there wasn't too much more to do, but the kids found ways to "help"!

Tyson LOVED riding the tractor with Uncle Randy and did not want to get off when it was Riley's turn. I think his big smile and wave says it all!

Riley was another story... I think we could have skipped her turn all together. Randy took his hands off the wheel so Riley could drive and she reached up, grabbed his hands, and put them back on the wheel!

She was much more comfortable sitting on it with Tyson when it wasn't moving!
Tyson was trying so hard to turn on and use the power saw, just like Uncle Tim!

Helping Cousin David "mow" the field.

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Alaskiana said...

Cute pictures!! Maybe they can come do some work at our farm in MS!