Monday, February 9, 2009

Riley's Special Day

Riley was only 1 year and 2 days old when Tyson was born, so they truly don't know life without each other and they are also rarely apart from one another. Rick and I decided one of the best birthday gifts we could give each of the kids this year is quality alone time with Mommy and Daddy. We got a babysitter for the boys and took Riley out for special birthday time!

A couple of runs down the new slide couldn't hurt to start off the day!
A few birthday wish pennies for the fountain at the mall.
We thought Riley might really enjoy doing Build-A-Bear. After much deliberation, she chose a very soft and cuddly bunny. She was so thoughtful and picked out a black bear for Tyson, but after all, this was her day... Tyson will get his turn someday! She was also a little confused by the fact that the bunny she picked was smaller than the display and kept wanting the "bigger one" on the wall.
Putting the heart in her bunny after it "got bigger" with all the fluffy stuff.
Picking the perfect outfit!
Meet Princess!
Coming up with a name was harder than I thought... but when we mentioned Princess, Riley decided that was the perfect name for her new friend!
The very important walk through the mall with her brand new Build-A-Bear box, with Princess tucked safely away inside!
Doesn't she look happy!
It was off to Red Robin for the birthday dinner. If we go out to eat anywhere, the kids always share a Kids Meal, but tonight Riley got one all to herself.
Here she is coloring on the menu and picking out the "R's" for Riley in the word search.
She was so excited at the idea of getting a special treat and a Happy Birthday song... but, as you can tell from her face, she wasn't too sure what to think of it!
Dig in!
"Three years old!"
(And a completely empty sundae sitting in front of her... without sharing a single bite with us!)

Back at home, Riley was so excited to show off Princess to her brothers. One of my favorite memories of the evening was watching Riley yell "Tyson!" and run over when we got home to give him a big hug and kiss!
Taking Princess on a few rides down the slide was the perfect end to a wonderful evening!
* Can you tell that I was crazy camera Mom throughout the whole thing!


Lisa said...

I think that it is important for children to have 'dates' with mommy and daddy. A time for them to feel special and spoiled! Looked like the perfect day :)

Amy Williams said...

She is adorable Brooke!! What a great idea you had!! I am starting to see more of you in her as she gets older.. :)