Monday, February 23, 2009

Cooper and Mommy's big adventure!

First things first... today is my 1st Blog-iversary! One year ago today, I began The Thames Family blog with this post. I have really enjoyed having an outlet to share my thoughts and photos of our growing family! Thanks for reading!

Now for the fun stuff! Today, Cooper went on his very first airplane ride!

I'm going back to work very soon (more on that in an upcoming post) and decided it would be fun to fly down to Oakland with Cooper to pick up my badge. Rick and I did the same thing with Riley for her first flight when I went back to work after she was born and we even took the BART into San Fransisco for the day. Tyson's first flight was to Spokane a few months after he was born, to visit a good friend of mine up there. Knowing how unlikely it is that we'll be taking all three kids on a plane anytime soon, I was afraid Cooper's first flight wouldn't happen for a while. This was the perfect opportunity!

It was a very quick trip. The flight to Oakland left Portland at 6:50am and landed in Oakland at 8:35am. There was a flight back to Portland at 9:10am that we never would have made it on, so the plan was to hang out in the Oakland Airport for a few hours and catch the 12:35pm flight home and land back in Portland around 2:20pm. Crazy enough, the 9:10am flight was running late... just late enough for me to run and get my badge, take care of some other business, and head back up to the gate to board the now 9:35am flight home! By the time we landed in Portland at 11:20am, we'd only been gone for 4 1/2 hours! Crazy!

Everything went really well. Cooper hardly made a sound, except for a few laughs as we were waiting to de-plane in Oakland. He also received many oohs and aahs from the women in the inflight office. And a big "Thank you!" to Amy in AZ for reminding me to put my mask on first and then Cooper's if they were to come down during the flight! Great advice! :)

Here is the first photo I took of Cooper on the plane. Notice the wings he is wearing? Each of the kids received their very own wings with names engraved on them after they were born. Very cool!
I couldn't resist taking the next two photos... the sun rising behind Mt. Hood. Watching the sights from the airplane window is one of my favorite things to do while commuting back and forth from Oakland each week.

Cooper quickly fell asleep after take-off!

And when my arms got tired, he found a comfy spot on the seat next to me!

I know this one is a little over-exposed with the flash, but check out those blue eyes!

One of the flight attendants was kind enough to take a picture of both of us! What a fun memory I will have! (Doesn't he looked thrilled!)


Lisa said...

Happy Blogivesary! (did I spell that right?)

David said...

must be nice to be young and small and not cramped in those airplane seats.

congratulations on a year of blogging. i think one year is what i'll commit myself to. after that, we'll see.

and yes, you did make someone a winner on my page. i'm sure she thanks you.

Alaskiana said...

Way to go Coop. What a laid back kid - lucky you!

What is your schedule going to be? Are you back full time?

Amy Williams said...

Super cute Brooke! He is getting so big! I have been in IL visiting my family and nieces and am just now catching up on everything! He looks like he had a great first flight! I thought you would like my lil reminder about the mask...there is SO MUCH to remember..glad I could help you out!! :)