Monday, February 16, 2009

Tyson's Special Day!

Today, Rick and I took Tyson out for his special birthday time with Mommy and Daddy. He loves the Bob the Builder exhibit going on at the Portland Children's Museum, so we knew it would be a big hit. He hit the ground running as soon as we entered the museum, it was hilarious to watch- it was like he was on speed or something. He was running from one thing to the next in the Bob the Builder exhibit, excitedly saying, "Look at that!" and "Who's that daddy?"

"It's loud!"
Using the pipe as a trumpet!
Peeking out from the story time treehouse.
Practicing his brushing skills on the alligator.
Having fun in the dig pit.
Family shot.
Giving "fists" to Bob the Builder! "See you next time!"
I'm not sleepy...
A ride on Daddy's shoulders.
Exhausted... what a fun day!


MSB said...

I think it is great that you are giving them one-on-one time! They will love this even more as years go by!

Lisa said...

Yay, Tyson! What a great day! It's so great to have some alone time with each them!

I took Natalie to the grocery store with me and left Lindsey home with dad and all she could talk about was "Where's Winsey?" Maybe we should separate them a little more often.

Love your bag, BTW. =)

David said...

that looks like a fun exhibit. i actually rented a bob the builder video once, just to see what all the excitement was about.