Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Disney On Ice!

Worlds of Fantasy

Last Friday morning, Rick had the wonderful idea that we should take Riley to see Disney on Ice while it was in town. We got a babysitter for the boys and enjoyed a very special evening with our big girl! The show focused on Cars, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Tinkerbell- all very fun! Here's a glimpse at our experience:
(Warning: Photo overload ahead!!)

Our view from the 200 level, which is normally the "Club Level" during Blazer games and stuff. It was so peaceful up there, away from the crazy crowds and venders selling merchandise.
And we had the entire section to ourselves- no joke! There wasn't anybody sitting in our row or the rows behind us! I enjoyed the show so much and we didn't have to be packed in like sardines. Here is Riley demonstrating the freedom we had and the box seats that were directly above us.

While Rick was off getting us some pre-show nachos, Riley and I played around with the camera!

Then daddy got back and we let him in on our fun!

First out were Mickey and Minnie to start the show!

Followed by the "cast" of Cars! It was fun to see the cars "driving" across the ice!

Next we moved underwater for Ariel... I thought this was a great way to depict the water!

Riley loved it when Prince Eric and Ariel "danced".

One of my favorite parts was The Lion King and how they were able to portray the animals, especially this "herd" chasing after Simba. So cool!

I just love the music to The Lion King, too! Here is Simba taking his place as the Lion King.

Hmm... what to do for intermission? Riley thought it would be fun to lounge in a chair showing off her new sparkly black shoes, waiting for some popcorn.

Dig in! This girl loves popcorn!

And photo evidence of Riley's very first drink of pop- GASP!! First and last for a long, long time if we can help it. It just wasn't worth the money to buy several different things to drink... Not surprisingly, she thought it was really good!

After intermission, it was time for Tinkerbell- which followed the movie that came out last year.

Tinkerbell saving spring was Riley's very favorite part, can you tell?

She loved the butterflies!

It was a great show! We all really enjoyed it and loved seeing Riley so into it!

Time to head back to the car!
The End. Thanks for sticking with it!
I understand the show is making it's way to the Tri-Cities this weekend- I hope some of you can make it! :)


Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

We got a chance to go to Disney on Ice a couple years ago. The girls loved it. We were right on the ice and they got to be part of the show. We had a hook up the the company. The manager of the whole show was the son of someone Jeff worked for.

I'm so glad she had a good time. She's so cute too. :)

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

I was also wondering if you're ever going to answer any of those flight attendant questions we all asked you. Now, how's that for a run on sentence!

Lisa said...

I love the Cars! I also love that you call soda, or "Coke" as we would say here, "pop". We let N have some sprite once - for the same reasons - and she didn't like it. (I'm glad!)

Fun times!

Jamie said...

What a great show! So much fun!