Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fun with mirrors

I shot this last week of Cooper. This is only about 45 seconds, but he kept the both of us entertained for about a half an hour laughing and talking to himself in the mirror. He's also walking all over the place now, I'll try and get some video of that, too.

I'm home with under the weather kiddos and not feeling so hot myself, so maybe I'll be a little better about blogging this week. Right now, Cooper is getting some much needed rest and I'm listening to Riley and Tyson pretending to be Diego and Alicia from Go, Diego, Go! Fun times. :)


Anonymous said...

that is so cute and so is he

Lisa said...

Too cute! and, naturally, my kiddos aren't feeling well this week either. Hope it passes soon!

Maggie said...

Resting kids just does a mommy good doesn't it. How is school coming? I can't believe how big he is?!?!?!