Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

Today was perfect weather for the pumpkin patch!

Miss Riley

Tyson would only pose for a picture if he could be an octopus... here is his impression of one:
(And no, we don't know where he got it. It's cute though, right? Especially the tongue thing...)

Cooper was without a nap and a little unsure about the new shoes we put him in, therefore he wasn't too pleased with being put down anywhere.

Two of the greatest guys in my life...

"Let's get this one! Nevermind, it's too heavy!"

The other great guy in my life!

I only wish Tyson would have been willing to sit still for this one, too.

I still can't believe our baby is going to be one in a week and walking all over. Seriously, where does the time go?

And here are the three pumpkins we brought home with us.
We were going to carve them this afternoon and decided they would travel to the Tri-Cities a little easier if they weren't carved. Maybe we'll get a chance to make them into Jack-o-Lanterns when we get there. We'll be in town to trick-or-treat with cousin Cassidy and celebrate Cooper's big birthday on November 1st, I can't wait! Let us know if your house has good candy, we'd love to stop by! :)


Lisa said...

Wow, the ones you brought home are beautiful! Aren't pumpkin patches fun!? We've been to two this year. And... Silly Tyson!

Lisa Joy said...

ALL your kiddos are looking so darn grown up! They are each so stinkin' cute!!

We go trick-er-treating at McMenamin's Kennedy School (perhaps Edgefield does it too?). I know it sounds strange, but it's very cool--tons of kids there & the staff stand at every doorway throughout the whole building and hand out candy. No walking around a dark, rainy neighborhood with freaky people!

David said...

try lisa's house, should be some good candy there!

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

I love all of your pictures. I really love the way you have your pumpkins displayed at home. Really cute. :)

You should try my Mom's neighborhood. Quite a few of the houses, including hers, hands out full sized candy bars. They're in Pheasant Run. Down the Street from the Yokes in Kennewick. You know, the one on Olympia?