Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Passing through...

Life is hectic right now.
There are not enough hours in the day.
I'm in the midst of flying 6 out of 8 days... way too much for this wife and mommy.
I didn't even unpack my bag between trips, just washed my uniform.
32 hours at home just isn't enough time.
The one night I should have been able to help tuck the kids into bed, I had class from 6-10pm.
I have an at home to-do list a mile long that will just have to wait.
I LOATHE having a house on the market.
I have an amazingly wonderful husband who deserves some serious "me" time in the near future!
I refuse to do any homework on my trip tomorrow... there are a couple of books I have been looking forward to finishing!

On the upside: When I get home on Friday afternoon, I only work 3 more days the entire month of October- so I can hopefully catch up on a few key things, like sleep, to-do lists, and homework.

While I'm away, Rick is great about helping me feel connected to home. After this Debbie Downer post, I'll leave you with some fun pictures of the kids he sent me from the McDonald's Playland on Sunday.

I miss them when I'm away...
and I love their smiles! :)